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Sun… Sea… Sand… Beautiful Landscapes (plus equally beautiful people). No, this isn't a scene from a music video or Hollywood production set in far away Miami, this is LAGOS.

Nigeria has been blessed with a coastline of over 850 KM which consists of clear white sandy beaches that take your breath away.  With the clear, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean bordering these beaches, the sights are as picturesque as you could possibly imagine.

Lagos is already renowned for being a thriving, buzzing metropolitan city with incredible nightlife. The bars & clubs attract patrons from all corners of the earth who return home with stories of the incredible time they had. 

Here at Beniz Weeknd, it is our goal to provide a similar experience for those who seek to enjoy the best beach culture Africa has to offer. From public beaches offering a diverse range of fun activities to private beaches & beach houses featuring stunning architectural design, Beniz Weeknd will provide a bespoke experience to suit every desire. 

Nature has already done the hard work... You can just leave the rest to us...!!

.... awesome times lie ahead!!

What we're all about...

What we're all about...

Beniz Weeknd is a company that specializes in providing everything required to have the best experience on the water & at the beach.

We provide boat charter services covering a wide variety of sizes & p Continue Reading